Zeeland- A Hidden Treasure in the Netherlands

When the world can easily feel so overwhelming and chaotic, it can be difficult to remember just how much beauty there is in the world.  It might be a challenge, but how often do we sit down and picture incredible places or remember wonderful moments? 

One such incredible place for me is Zeeland, a stunning and peaceful province that sits on the south-west part of the Netherlands. With coastal borders, submerged land, and small scattered islands, it’s not only a serene selection of seaside views, but it has a rich history, dense with tradition and culture. It’s a truly magical place, one that I eagerly share my appreciation for with others, in the hopes that they will feel inspired to journey there one day and experience it’s beauty for themselves!

The Views in Zeeland

As I walk across the rolling dunes, the soft sand tickling my toes and the light breeze whisking by the sea grass, I look up and am in awe of the gentle, pristine sea waters lapping up onto the beach. It sounds a bit like a picture-perfect postcard, doesn’t it? 

The shores in Zeeland are some of the most incredible shores I’ve ever seen; they are shores that I could spend an eternity on. Everything feels calm and peaceful there. It’s a place where I love watching children run across the soft sand, the warm sun beating down, where families share in special moments together, and couples find time to spend together. To me, it’s a place that is as close to heaven-like as you can find on earth, somewhere that we all deserve to see.  I can feel the stresses of life wash away with each sway of the tide on the shore.

Because of the amount of coastline Zeeland has, from the islands to the mainland, visitors will also find themselves immersed in nature, as there are marshes, wetlands, and waterways throughout. The life here is diverse, from bright and colorful flowers in the foliage to crafty waterfowl in the skies. Life grows and flourishes here, reminding me that we are not alone. It reminds me that life continues and moves on, that this is just a mere moment in time. 


Richness in Culture and Tradition

With roots dating back as early as the 10th Century, Zeeland has hundreds of years of history and culture and tradition, shaping so much of the modern county it is today. In particular, it’s Zeeland’s fashion that is dense with stories, and one that has given me inspiration and amazement. 


As the world changed, Zeeland’s fashion changed as well.  And yet, the people knew the importance of clinging to some of the traditions that helped shape its history. I’m often moved by those with such passion for the preservation of its traditional clothing, and it’s hard not to appreciate their efforts. 

From their bonnets to the aprons, or jewelry and the gilt clasps, the islands all have different variations of traditional garb that they proudly keep on display in museums
and even in dress! I love the feeling of being transported in time to a simpler period, one that reminds me how important it is to remember the past and all that we, as humans, have come through. 



Zeewse knoop 

Even strolling through town, visiting the local shops and restaurants is a moving experience. The people are warm and welcoming, and the architecture is inviting. It’s hard to not feel transported to a state of comfort and serenity in Zeeland! 


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