Vintage sizing can be so confusing!

Standardised measurements of clothing have altered over the years. Please do not be put off by the sizing label on vintage garments; this will most likely be completely different to today's sizing and the item could still be the perfect fit!

Here are some tips to find your treasure!

How we take measurements at Wanderlust Vintage:

First, we lay flat the garment on the floor. For round parts, bust, waist and hips we double them. ( example, if we measure the bust of the blouse and it measures 47cm, we will, then, write on the measurement description 94cm). For the length measurement, (like bodice, shoulder, sleeves) we will keep the numbers as it is. This blouse is 58cm.

All measurements on Wanderlust Vintage website are given in centimetres and inches.

What do you need
Use a sewing measurement tape

Shoulders: Measurement from shoulder seam to shoulder seam. 

Bust: Measurement from underarm to underarm then doubled for correct sizing. You can measure this by wrapping the tape around the fullest part of your chest.

 Waist - find the smallest part of the garment if there isn't an obvious seam for the waist and measure across and then double that measurement.

Hips: Take the measurement on the fullest part, which is usually 18cm (7") to 23cm (9") below the waist.

Sleeves: Measured from the top of the shoulder seam to the end of the sleeve

Length Bodice- from the nape of the neck or the top of the shoulders, depending on the style of garment. We will measure to the waist when applicable, so that you can determine if it will fit your torso,  and then a waist down measurement.


Measurements you need to remember

True, is a lot of measurements to remember but those three are fundamentals, Bust, Waist and Hips. They will guide you during your online shopping and you will feel more confident.

 Measurements are most important, forget the size label

Vintage enthusiast will know this, the size label doesn’t reflect nowadays sizing. To know your own measurement will make your online shopping experience smoother while looking for a blouse, dress,...

This is particularly true when nowadays, there is so many brands and so many fittings using ‘vanity sizing’. We all have experienced ordering a garment that we dreamt about and should technically fit based on their size label and turned that it did not. These advices above can avoid some disappointments and help you during your online shopping.

Feel free to email us with specific questions about specific measurements that we may not have included that you need to know in order to feel confident about your purchase.  

If you have a particularly long torso, short legs, long arms, etc.. we can help you determine whether or not a garment will work for your body.

Wanderlust Vintage