The Language of Tulips

It will not be a surprise to say that most of my inspiration comes from flowers. And Spring is slowly coming to us. The bulbs are gently showing their little nose and trees already have some buds.

 But something you might not know is that in the Netherlands, every year, on the third Saturday of January, it is the Tulip national day (Nationale Tulpendag). It is the official launch of the tulips season.
They have been sleeping during the past few months, and now they can give us a little show. 

Every year, Amsterdam's Dam Square is filled with colorful tulips. A fantastic spectacle to look at, but unfortunately, this season, it will not happen.
 Admittedly, I will be missing this beautiful event but I will enjoy the same looking at my florist tulips and other colorful Spring flowers.

A bunch of red tulips by Paul Fischer


Vid Tulpanrabatten by Frederick Morgan


Source Pinterest


 Tulips and language

Tulips' meaning is lovely and profound. The most common sense for tulips is from a perfect and deep love and because they are the first flowers to bloom in the Spring, they can mean rebirth.

In the victorian era, they often associated the tulips with charity.



 Tulips and Poetry

A fragrance so looming
On grounds and soil and gardens so soothing
Olfactory sense of thoughts bleeding
Like blessings
With tulips and roses
And such as prose becoming
And a better version of me
- Revelire -



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