My journey into the fashion world began more than a decade ago, but my inspirations trace back much further. I’ve always been drawn to more historical eras, like the decadence and glamor of the Belle Epoque, or the exquisiteness and complexity of the art deco period. Blended with the romantic nature of vintage aesthetics, I found my true passion in the realm of such timeless fashion.

It’s no mystery that although time may move forward, we seem to always circle back to decades past in search of their nostalgia and beauty. This is truly where I found my place in the world of fashion.

Years ago, when I was first starting my career, I was a fashion designer working for more mainstream brands and styles. Being born and raised in France, I found myself often surrounded by some of the most exquisite and unique styles in the fashion world. I began working in lingerie, where I adored the delicate and romantic nature of the styles and fits of the pieces I helped create. I worked with soft tones, reminiscent of femininity, and intimate yet stunning creations.

Being in fashion for ten years, I also began to recognise that in-vogue styles are often inspired by vintage items. The vintage pieces drove  the newest collections. There is an enduring love of those timeless pieces from decades ago. If the old was creating the new, why not just go directly to the source and focus on vintage clothing? 

This is why I decided to open Wanderlust Vintage in 2019 - I could collect and curate some of the most beautiful pieces. I could contribute to sustainable fashion practices by bringing such pieces of clothing back into circulation. I could provide a convenient location for interested shoppers to find the perfect pieces to emphasise their own personality, their own uniqueness.

Through Wanderlust Vintage, I look to create a romantic environment of nostalgia and beauty through carefully curated pieces in my collections. Fashion is truly an art, and vintage fashion evokes its own unique forms of expression and self-identity. I want you to enjoy the experience of journeying through some of the most intricate and exquisite pieces that transport you back through time and fashion. I hope the collections I’ve developed at Wanderlust Vintage inspire you and fill your soul. I hope you find pieces you love, pieces that evoke who you are, and that you love wearing them as much as I loved finding them.