AnnaBelinda - Luxurious And Handcrafted To Perfection

In business for over 40 years AnnaBelinda fashions are hard to get your hands on as no one wants to part with their timeless handcrafted designs. However, we are excited to announce that Wanderlust Vintage has found some of her design! Here’s a bit about their signature.

How It All Began

Founded in 1970 by friends Belinda O’Hanlon (below) and Anita Woodhead, AnnaBelinda grew into one of England’s most in-demand independent boutiques. They made dresses and apparel for every occasion from power suits to wedding gowns, ball gowns, and feminine day dresses. Shortly after they opened Woodhead moved to Italy with her partner. O’Hanlon ran the boutique until it closed its doors in 2012.



Handmade Luxury

Luxury isn’t often the first thing that comes to mind when you think of handmade and quilted garments, but that is precisely what AnnaBelinda is known for. O’Hanlon and her dedicated team mixed old with new to create ladylike looks that never go out of style. This included mixing quilting, brocades, velvet, and Liberty London prints in elegant and innovative ways. It’s all about the details, so all garments are finished off with handcrafted trimmings such as buttons covered in vintage braids.

Not Your Average Wedding Dress

A boutique for the elite, their signature approach to wedding dresses had women from all walks of life saving their pennies for AnnaBelinda wedding dress. Their custom-made gowns were nothing like what you buy off the rack. They were for women who wanted something unique, also for brides who weren’t afraid to wear a bit of colour—as many AnnaBelinda wedding gowns were made in soft pastels and floral print silk chiffon. Often, with a bit of their signature quilting.

When O’Hanlon closed up her shop, she said that the most rewarding part of the business has been giving women the confidence to wear AnnaBelinda designs.


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