Wanderlust Vintage Story - Enchanting Violet

When it came to curate this collection, I was drawn to a rich palette of purples found in autumnal nature as an autumn transition to winter— aster flowers, late ripening plums, the leaves turning burgundy.
These resplendent hues unfold across a variety of textures and silhouettes—from the MAUVE prairie dress and the STARLIGHT mohair jumper to the gorgeous burgundy red of the MULBERRY suede jacket.
I wanted to create something that was truly beautiful and classic, but also modern and fresh. A collection that would be timeless and easy to wear for years to come.
I hope you love these beautiful purples as much as me, and I would love to see how you wear them this season! Don't forget to tag @_wanderlustvintage_ on Insta when you take your photos.

 With Love,

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