Wanderlust Vintage Story - Dream a Little Dream of Spring

Lovely Spring has finally arrived, and we couldn't be more excited!
As April blossoms and Summer nears, a quiet and subtle heat begins to settle in over our days, arriving on the wings of the southern breeze and creeping in through open windows. 
Slowly but surely, our sleeves get pushed up, our dresses shorten, and our hands gravitate instinctually towards our flowy dresses - those almost-nothing whispers that drift around the body and seem to catch even the gentlest of cool drifts.
We love the feeling spring brings, and we’ve tried to capture it in all its glory in our new collection. The pastels are airy and timeless, but also effortless, with vibrant colors such as red, hot pink and yellow that remind us of the bright flowers blooming in our gardens.

A curated collection where you will find warm knitwear pieces, delicate and feminine dresses with floral prints, and beautiful handcrafted treasures.

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