Wanderlust Vintage Story - A la Campagne

It's that time of year again, when the sun is shining steadily and you're thankful for the shade of your vintage straw hat. This morning's garden task is to pot up your tray of seedlings of foxgloves, delphiniums, Queen Anne's lace, cosmos, and zinnias.
Strolling around the French countryside. The air is a symphony of sounds: birds sing to each other from one tree to another, bees buzz around their hive seeking pollen and nectar while they build it up for their queen to lay her eggs in. The cows and sheep are enjoying the sweetgrass and the shadows of the trees. The wind rustles through the trees sending leaves dancing.
May is ending, and a garden is bursting into vibrant, blooming splendor. The landscape transforms in the painted hues of the season's profusion of flowers. Step in to enjoy the season's blossoms with our vintage curated collection abounds in painterly blooms, embroidered flower details, ditsy florals, and more. 
Summer is not so far away anymore!

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