Wanderlust Vintage Story - A Wander through El Parque del Retiro

As I start to see the first signs of Spring, I can't help but daydream about Spring days, where hours are spent sipping hot coffee and reading at sidewalk cafes, and taking long walks in El Parque del Retiro. This park captured my imaginations, inspiring me with his Palacio de Crystal, trees in bloom and its big lake with a beautiful architecture.

El Parque del Retiro evokes the signature elegance and charm of one of the city's eternally iconic gathering places.
This season's color palette has the unique ability to take you from winter to spring with vibrancy and ease.
The first chapter of our Spring collection abounds in blue hues yellows -- honeyed and sweet as the last licks of sunlight on a warm Spring day. The perfect hues to move you from winter's neutral palette into Spring's vibrance with joy and optimism!

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