Diane Freis— It’s All About The Dress

Every designer’s goal is to create a signature look. Something so distinct that when you see it you know who it’s designed by. For many this means a collection of separates but for Diane Freis it is all about the dress. Here’s what you might not know about this iconic 80s designer.

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From LA To Hong Kong

 Born in LA and a student of Fine Arts at the University of California Diane Freis is considered a Hong Kong designer.

Her move was a strategic one as she knew she could find the quality fabrics and manufacturing that would support her dream of creating a collection that was not mass produced. The global success of her brand is accounted for revolutionizing fashion manufacturing throughout China

The Classic Georgette Dress

It all began with the georgette dress made from lightweight and flowing materials, always in head-turning prints. From floral to stripes, plaid, and geometric designs all with vibrant pops of color.Her designs are effortless chic in dresses that give an elevated nod to the bohemian style of the 70s and 80s.

Diane experimented with fabrics, designing in silk, cotton, and wool but most of her dresses were a wrinkle-free polyester. Her dresses easily transition from work to an evening out, many work for semi-formal events, and being that they are wrinkle-free—they ensure you look your best while traveling.

Diane Freis original dress

Taking One-Size To The Next Level

While design details like the sleeves, neckline and hem vary from one dress to the next her signature dresses are meant to be loose-fitting. With a blousy top and an elastic waist Diane Freis dresses are a one-size-fits-most collection.
Ladies love this because you can gain a few pounds and still have your favorite go-to dresses.

What makes her vintage collection even more unique is that the bulk of her collection is only made in a limited number, often as few as 10 or less per design. This makes it almost impossible to be caught in the same dress as anyone else.
Unlike most designer dresses, a Diane Freis dress is never restrictive and always comfortable.

Separates Collection

Dresses were always her signature but over the years Diane Freis experimented with bold jackets, knits, scarves, beaded attire, and 2-piece skirt and blouse sets that could be worn to look like a dress—or worn separately.

When shopping vintage you can also find formal attire and the rare solid colored design, but most ladies prefer her patterns and prints. Check my shop for the latest items from Diane Freis.




I just found two beautiful Diane Freis dresses at a local thrift store. Paid $2.50 each. They are gorgeous. Had never heard of the brand and searching led me here. I am happy to have found these and excited to wear them soon.

Violet July 14, 2022

I have just tried on a two piece I bought in Hong Cong in 1990 and with a little alterations I will be wearing it again at the age of 79 years thank you Diane happy memories x

Frieda nc jeon May 23, 2022

My tall and stately mother-in-law had a closet full of Diane Freis. I always thought I was too short for her dresses.
I would love to have them for myself.

Charlotte May 23, 2022

I bought several Diana dresses when I lived in Japan in the 80’s and gave them away. Oh no!!!! I miss them!!!

Susan March 25, 2021

I just purchased a Diane Freis dress today for 7.99! I had no idea who she was and I’m beyond shocked at its value! It’s beautiful! Thank you for this article!

Ashley March 25, 2021

I have a lot of Diana Friese Original dresses in perfect condition which I would like to sell. How would I go about pricing them?

Diane Young September 24, 2019

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