Change is Beauty with Coral Charm Peonies

Change- we always understand it to be inevitable, but much of the time we fear it.  For some reason, we have a tendency to view it with trepidation, as we fear that which we don’t know.  The uncertainty, the mystery, the lack of constants… They can send us wanting to spiral. 
But the beautiful truth is that nothing truly wonderful happens without change. It is through change that people grow, it’s change that makes good things happen in the world.  Change is what we need to become better, to do better.  Change leads to new beginnings, fresh starts, change leads to progress and new experiences. When we embrace change, beautiful things happen. 


With the changing of the seasons from spring to summer, we start to see the blooming of the Coral Charm peonies (yet another reason to welcome change!).  These peonies are elegant and intricate in design, with delicate curved petals. But aside from their strong stem and their stunning petal shape, their unique appeal comes in the colors of their petals. 


When the Coral Charm peonies first bloom, their blossom is a vibrant coral and peach blend, eye-catching and alluring.  Gradually over time, their color changes to a softer, more pale ivory color. Both versions are equally beautiful to enjoy, as the blossom still appears healthy and full throughout the shift in color. When cut in the ripeness of their bloom, the peonies have a long-lasting open blossom. They brighten up the home, spiritually and physically, bringing the first warmth of summer sun into any room.  They’re simple and yet intricate, at the same time. They evoke a peaceful and compassionate nature, they are delicate and romantic, and make the atmosphere feel warm and bright. 


Even with their beauty and soft features, they’re known to be a strong and durable flower.  They are perennials, meaning they can last through harsher climates to bloom again in the late of spring, and their blossoms can remain open for almost two weeks.  The more sun they get, the more buds they produce. These peonies are a perfect example of how strength and beauty coexist. They’re also a perfect example of how much beauty can result from change. 


Peonies in general are also profound in their symbolism! The robust and elegant flower is known for its representation of marriage, prosperity, romance, and compassion.  As a wedding or anniversary gift, they are said to promote a happy marriage and celebrate long-dedicated romance and relationships. They also are a sign of good luck and fortune! 

Now that spring is ending and summer is quickly coming upon us, we could probably all use a few peonies in our lives to welcome the changing of seasons and time. 


The Colour Story

An ode to the beautiful Coral Charm Peonies colour. 

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