NEW ARRIVALS - Festive Magic

From the soft Christmas tree fragrance, the sparks of the lights, to the slight glow of the candlelight, the festive season has started. 
Oh, Lala! It is so much joy! Decorating the tree, sharing moments with our families and friends, popping the bottle of champagne, laughing, and sharing memories.
Each year, festivities are different but always bring so much warmth to our hearts.
Our chapter Twelve - Part II is a curated collection of beautiful vintage.
The “Bouquet Final”
Rich gold lamé, bright holly-red florals, tapestry dress, chunky mohair knits with the delicacy of lingerie and laces blouses, a selection of beautiful treasures, each one full of its own unique charm and sure to be a longtime resident of your winter or festive closet.

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