Promenade Hivernale


The day is slowly rising, and we watch the clouds catching the different light shades. Every morning we look out the window to see if the snow we are waiting patiently for has fallen.
Winter is a season to relax and slow down. I love it when time stands still and, slowly, we savor every moment of the sunlight.

We start this New Year 2021, wishing for better days and enjoying the beauty of being outside contemplating the nature, waking up slowly.
Our new chapter is all about softness and being cozy being close to the nature. 'Promenade Hivernale', a moment where we enjoy the freedom of exploring quiet the forest or the lacs, listening to the wind whistling in the branches.
A curated collection rich in pastel tones, cozy knits with handcrafted details, and prairie dresses.

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