Chapter 9 - Autumn Whispering

Autumn is here, whispering in our ears. We have been called to slow down ourselves, quieter listen to the rain on the windows, the wind going through the trees, the leaves falling, and enjoy the warmth of the sun rays showing behind the clouds.

It is by far my favorite season after Spring. 

A season of subtle beauty, rich in colors and textures, Autumn has always inspired me.

True vintage gems in hues of green, ochre, ivory and black exclusively curated for a classic, nostalgic and timeless silhouette. This collection  is one of my favorite and was born of my love for chunky, cosy and classic pieces. 

A collection of subtle and soft, woven with muted florals and rich textures that invite a sharpening of senses, and a heightened appreciation for detail. 

I am so excited for this new Chapter.

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