Chapter 8 - Autumn Poetry

The beginning of September has us reminiscing about the beauty of the warm golden light. The temperatures are going down, and we are slowly moving to autumn. 

The magical transition from Summer to Fall, wearing some of our favorites. A viscose prairie dress paired with warm knitted pieces, breezy white blouses that are delicate and timeless.

 These treasures are perfectly suited to carry you through the end of this season and into the beginning of the next. It's a wonderful season for reflection, for practicing gratitude, and for musing about what really matters in life.


there's a little more...


I love the shop New Arrivals this week. A beautiful, feminine, and delicate color palette inspired by one of my favorite seasons. Pink hues, beige, browns, khakis, and bright pink are good transitions of your summer wardrobe to the upcoming fall season.


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