Chapter 7- Zeeland Affection

Did you know that in Holland, there is part I adore to escape, Zeeland. A beautiful area where the land meet the water, and full of a strong history.

I could discover this place thanks to my mother in law who is originally from here. A place where she resources and goes every time to enjoy the quietness, listening to the sea and watching the birds.

I have been lucky to come during April and May to escape and walk around the long sandy beaches, catching shells and strolling around the canals and farmer fields.

 It is a place where I resource as well and where my clock is the same as the sun. Watching it rising among the sea and by night, doing his own beautiful ‘show’. A sky with vibrant hues of purple, orange and coral.


I hope you will enjoy this beautiful chapter.



there's a little more...


Silk, cotton and wool, this week new arrival will transport you to the sandy beaches where the sun and the wind are always here. Oriental florals, 70's psychedelic print, this week new arrival is cosy, colourful and feminine.


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