Chapter 5 - Awaiting for Summer

Oh Lala! June, you are already here. Summer is getting closer! We are touching the freedom of more sunlight and its energy.

 Is that time when the sun wakes up early, the birds are singing in the trees with there lovely ones. We are delicately entering to a slow life, enjoying the longer days and the warmth of the sunrays.

A day that makes me dream of a picnic in a wildflower meadow. Strolling around looking for a bouquet of daisies that will decorate our tablecloths. Listening the delicate music coming from the water running through the canals.



Is time for a  “Déjeuner au soleil“


The capsule

 This week new arrivals are entirely blooming, soft and bright colours are dancing around. A celebration of summer!

A summer “pot-pourri” full of soft tones, delicate crochet and bold, sophisticated and romantic florals.

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