I open my eyes every morning as if I were opening the first chapter of a book.
As if by magic, we start to hear the birds singing and nature awakening gradually from its winter sleep. It is not yet there, but I feel my Spring desire growing. 
The tulips are slowly making their way to the florist, and the fragrance of fresh hyacinth is ebbing around the house. It is that time while being home, and I want to wear my breezy antique gown, wrapped up in a cozy knit, watching Bridgerton, getting inspired by the outfits.
Wanderlust Vintage - dress
Wanderlust Vintage
This Vintage collection is a  spark of joy. From delicate silk to cozy mohair, with a hint of funny patterns, this selection is by far one of my favorite. 
Wanderlust Vintage
We are travelling from a white, soft pastel colour palette to vibrant hues.  A romantic curated collection of nightgowns, lingerie and knits whispering to your ears their history.
Wanderlust Vintage
Avec Amour,

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