Chapter 2 - Bucolic Impressions

Bucolic Impressions…

The love of flowers has always been Wanderlust Vintage essence and inspiration.
They are colours, they are smells, they are the essence of our environment. We have a duty to take care today more than ever.

At Wanderlust Vintage we are opening a new chapter, to celebrate the beauty of the countryside and the delicacy of flowers.


"Woman with a parasol" from Claude Monet, a beautiful scenery, has inspired us. Bathed in soft and vibrant hues that are reflecting the spirit of our dresses, cardigan and skirts.

While admiring it, I dream of being this woman, walking in a field full of flowers enjoying the warm sun light and the blue sky.


The Capsule

Soft and romantic, our new episode is an 'Ode' to the start of Spring. We always had a penchant for timeless silhouettes, so you can wear those treasures year after year.

Wanderlust Vintage

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